The chimney has played a surprisingly important role in history and folklore. Santa slides down one on Christmas Eve, and the Big Bad Wolf sneaks down the chimney to terrorize the Three Little Pigs. They have also been important for snipers, as they provide an eagle-eye view of their surroundings. Read about the history of chimneys and sniper’s below, then call SirVent Chimney & Venting Service of Lexington to schedule chimney maintenance!

History of Chimneysfireplace and chimney in use

The exact origin date of the chimney is debated, but there is evidence of Romans constructing buildings with chimneys in the 12th century. The upper class in medieval England also used chimneys during this time period. However, they did not become mainstream in houses until the 16th and 17th century, and industrial chimneys became a staple in the 18th century. Early chimneys were built of wood, plaster, or mud, and are now commonly constructed of brick and stone. However, chimneys provide another use other than venting smoke from a house for some individuals in combat.

Snipers and Chimneys

Due to their height, chimneys provide an advantage for marksmen using sniper rifles. Oftentimes the highest point of a building, posting up around the chimney allows the marksmen to easily scan the horizon while also increasing his vantage point from a location such as a high window. One tactic often used by snipers in combat is called “prepared hide,” in which the marksmen positions themself in a unique location to limit their exposure to the enemy. The marksmen could use a chimney as a hiding spot and the base for their rifle.

Snipers and Chimneys in Popular Culture

A more modern fictional example of snipers utilizing chimneys takes place in the 1952 film “The Sniper”, which is directed by Edward Dmytryk and stars Arthur Franz, Adolphe Menjou, and Gerald Mohr. The film follows the police as they attempt to stop a sniper from gunning down young brunettes and uncover his psychological motives. The film features several scenes involving the sniper utilizing chimneys to his advantage.

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