Chimney Caps Are a Must to Prevent Chimney Leaks!

Keeping your chimney free of water and preventing costly leak repairs is simple — invest in a quality chimney cap and have it installed by a professional! With our experienced team on the job, you can count on installation to be done quickly and properly — guaranteed. Don’t wait another day, leaving your chimney vulnerable to leaks and critters — call SirVent Lexington. We’re here to help.

Why a Chimney Cap Is Important

Chimney caps may seem like accessories, given how many chimneys out there are without one, but they’re absolute necessities.

  • Keep water, snow, sleet, and ice from entering
  • Keep nesting animals and birds from entering
  • Keep debris, like twigs, leaves, and branches out of the chimney
  • Keep pests and insects from entering

Without a cap, your chimney is a welcoming and inviting place for everything from moisture to insects, animals, birds, and leaves. All of these things can cause damage to the chimney itself and make for an unpleasant situations should they enter your home.

Above and beyond type of service! Friendly staff that is honest and straight shooters. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone in the area that is needing their chimney serviced.


Call the Professionals

Is your chimney missing a cap? Do you have a cap but often wonder if it’s really doing its job? Is your chimney cap rusted and unattractive? Call SirVent Lexington or request an appointment online to have your chimney inspected and your new cap installed.

When installed by one of the professionals here at SirVent Lexington, you can expect your chimney cap to keep your chimney high and dry, storm after storm, year after year.

As a chimney care company owned by a former firefighter, our #1 goal here at SirVent Lexington is to prevent house fires and help our customers in Lexington and the surrounding areas enjoy safer, cozier hearths — and as chimney care and fire prevention experts, we know that education and routine maintenance are key.

We aim to be a reliable resource for our customers and to make it easy for families in Lexington and beyond to get more heat and more enjoyment from their fireplaces and stoves — without the worry.

SirVent Lexington did a sweep and inspection of my fireplace and chimney. They were neat, professional, and very pleasant. I would recommend them for any type of fireplace or chimney work!