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Most homeowners don’t give much thought to their chimneys until there’s a problem. But the team here at SirVent Lexington is committed to not just solving the problems of our customers, but also helping to prevent them altogether. That’s why we provide comprehensive chimney and masonry repairs that are designed to restore, protect, and preserve the chimneys of the greater Lexington area. Whether you have minor cracks in your masonry or you’re looking for ways to protect your chimney and make your home more energy-efficient, SirVent Lexington can help.

Chimney and Masonry Repairs

Chimney Relining & Flue Repair

One of the most difficult things about chimney maintenance is figuring out what’s going on inside. Without using specialized camera equipment, it can be challenging to get a real good look up inside the chimney flue, which means dangerous holes, cracks, and gaps could go unnoticed. As a company owned and operated by a former firefighter, guessing and hoping for the best isn’t good enough for those of us here at SirVent Lexington. That’s why we use camera inspections to evaluate chimney flues.

If we find that a flue is unlined or unsafe, we proudly offer our customers reliable and affordable repair and restoration options, like the FireGuard repair and resurfacing system and stainless steel liners. Both are proven to work and both have helped our customers take safety into their own hands and prevent dangerous house fires, smoke problems, carbon monoxide issues, and fireplace performance problems. Find out more about our chimney relining and flue repair services right here on our website.

Damper Replacement

There are plenty of great ways to spend your money in Lexington, but spending it on conditioned air that’s simply lost up the chimney isn’t the way to go. Energy saving or top-sealing dampers have been saving homeowners hundreds on utilities and helping them enjoy more comfortable homes and leak-free, animal-free chimneys for years. Isn’t it time you enjoyed some savings? Learn more about our top-mounted dampers and why our customers love them here.

Masonry Repairs & Tuckpointing

Lexington boasts many beautiful historic homes, but no matter when your home was built, your masonry may need repairs and restoration work from time to time. Whether you’ve started seeing flaking, discolored brick, cracks and holes in the mortar joints between the brick, or damage in your firebox, the team here at SirVent Lexington is always close by and ready to help.

We specialize in masonry repairs and have invested a great deal of time and effort into training and educating our team to ensure beautiful and durable results. We know masonry inside and out and — whether minor or major — we have what it takes to repair damage and leave you with a stronger, longer-lasting, more beautiful chimney system or firebox. Find out more about our masonry work right here.

Smoke Chamber Parging & Repair

No one wants to choke on smoke or worry about a house fire every time they build a fire in the fireplace — but a damaged smoke chamber can create a fireside experience that’s far from ideal. Cracks, gaps, corbelled steps, and poor design can prevent the smoke chamber from effectively and swiftly moving smoke and heat up and out of the chimney. As a result, you may end up with smoke in your home, more creosote in your fireplace, and possibly a house fire due to heat transfer to nearby combustibles.

Here at SirVent Lexington, we want to do everything possible to prevent these hazards, which is why we repair smoke chambers with ChamberCoat, a smoke chamber repair and restoration system known to insulate, resurface, smooth, restore, and reshape even the most damaged smoke chambers. Learn more here.

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Is your chimney or masonry in need of some repair work? Trust the experts at SirVent Lexington to provide the highest quality craftsmanship and the most reliable and responsive service. We’re here to help — call 859-241-1182 or request an appointment online today.

Of all our chimney and fireplace services, finding and fixing chimney leaks is one of the most time-sensitive. Ask us for more information today.

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