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As strong and resilient as our masonry chimneys and fireboxes are, they aren’t impervious to damage — but we often forget that they need attention. If it’s been a while since you took a good look at your masonry, it’s time to stop and look for signs of damage or weakness. Some of the most common signs of masonry damage include these:

Masonry Repairs and Tuckpointing
  • spalling or flaking brick
  • cracks in the mortar joints between the brick
  • holes or gaps in the mortar joints between the brick

All of these can indicate that heat, corrosive byproducts, and moisture from rain, snow, sleet, and ice have taken a toll on the masonry of your chimney or firebox. The biggest problem isn’t that it’s unattractive — although that is an issue — but that it’s dangerous and can negatively impact the safety, efficiency, and performance of your chimney and fireplace. Here’s why…

Why Firebox Repairs Are Necessary & What We Do

The firebox is the heart of the fireplace and holds the actual fire itself. That means it’s subjected to the hottest temperatures and the corrosive byproducts of combustion every time you build a fire. But that also means that when holes, gaps, or cracks are present inside the firebox, those high temps and corrosive byproducts can transfer through to nearby combustibles, like framing in walls. By making firebox repairs, not only will you enjoy a more beautiful fireplace, you’ll also enjoy the cozy warmth of the fire without worrying about heat or stray embers sparking a sudden house fire.

Here at SirVent Lexington, we repair fireboxes by replacing mortar joints with new refractory mortar and, if necessary, replacing firebrick or paneling. Our work is always done beautifully and professionally, and we take pride in restoring and repairing fireboxes of all styles, sizes, and designs. Whether you have a herringbone pattern or a traditional brick patterned firebox, you’ll be more than happy with our repair work.

Why Tuckpointing/Masonry Repairs Are Necessary & What We Do

A masonry chimney can stand strong for decades upon decades if well maintained — but water can drastically shorten its lifespan. Damaged, water-logged brick and mortar joints can weaken the entire structure and cause it to crack, crumble, deteriorate, and even collapse. And if repairs aren’t made to the structure, damage will only compound over time.

Whether your masonry damage is minor or major, we can restore your chimney and make sure it stays strong and beautiful. If mortar joints are the problem, we can pack fresh mortar into place that’s color-matched and matched in composition for strong, seamless results. If the brick itself is damaged, we can replace sections of the chimney or provide a full rebuild. Whatever your masonry repair needs may be, you can count on SirVent Lexington to do the job right, with care, precision, and respect to your property and budget.

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