Keep Smoke & Heat Where They Belong & Enjoy A Safer Fireside Experience— Have Your Smoke Chamber Repaired Or Parged Smooth

Do you get bombarded with smoke every time you set out to enjoy a nice, peaceful night by the fireside? The problem could be your smoke chamber, which is the upside-down funnel area above your fireplace. Here’s what you need to know…

What Does The Smoke Chamber Do?

First things first, what does the smoke chamber actually do? Well, you know all that smoke, ash, and heat that’s sent up by the fire? The smoke chamber’s job is to funnel and direct all of that up into the flue so it can safely exit the home.

What Causes Smoke Chamber Damage?

Smoke chambers can be damaged by a few things, including these:

  • the heat of the fire
  • moisture from combustion or a chimney leak
  • corrosive creosote buildup

Of course, it’s not always damage that makes a smoke chamber dangerous or ineffective — sometimes it’s a matter of design. If the smoke chamber wasn’t properly built or has corbeled stepping, you could experience all of the same problems you would experience as a result of a damaged smoke chamber.

ChamberCoat from ChimneySaver

Why Is Smoke Chamber Repair So Important?

If the smoke chamber is unable to effectively direct heat, ash, and smoke up into the chimney flue, those byproducts will instead linger in the fireplace or flow back into the home. Smoke chambers with cracks, gaps, holes, and rugged spots will hinder draft and can lead to a smoky and dangerous fireside experience, greater creosote production, and heat transfer/house fire.

How Can SirVent Lexington Help?

Here at SirVent Lexington, we repair and restore smoke chambers with ChamberCoat. ChamberCoat is a product from ChimneySaver that’s designed to restore, smooth and seal, and provide a safer, better insulated, and more efficient and effective smoke chamber. Because it’s an insulating and sealing product, it reduces the risk of heat transfer and house fire. It’s also UL listed, heat resistant up to 2550 degrees F, and meets and/or exceeds national and local building codes. Whether you have gaps in your smoke chamber or you need to have the entire smoke chamber reshaped and insulated, ChamberCoat is the product for the job.

Our Experts Will Do The Job Quickly & Professionally

Say goodbye to smoky nights and hello to a safer, more enjoyable fire — call SirVent Lexington at 859-241-1182 and schedule an appointment to have your smoke chamber repaired or parged smooth. We’ll do the job right and take great care of you and your property from start to finish. For first-class service from courteous and knowledgeable chimney professionals, call or click here today. We’re here to help you enjoy warmth, comfort, and peace of mind.

Find out from our chimney and masonry repair crews if you need our chimney relining or flue repair services. We want to keep you safe!

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