Want To Prevent Chimney Leaks? Chimney Caps Are A Must!

Keeping your chimney free of water and preventing costly leak repairs is simple — invest in a quality chimney cap and have it installed by a professional! Chimney caps may seem like accessories, given how many chimneys out there are without one, but they’re absolute necessities. How so? Let’s take a look at the important job of the chimney cap…

Does the chimney cap:

A. keep water, snow, sleet, and ice from entering
B. keep nesting animals and birds from entering
C. keep debris, like twigs, leaves, and branches out of the chimney
D. keep pests and insects from entering
E. all of the above

The answer is E! Without a cap, your chimney is a welcoming and inviting place for everything from moisture to insects, animals, birds, and leaves. All of these things can cause damage to the chimney itself and make for an unpleasant situations should they enter your home. But keeping them out is easy with a chimney cap from National Chimney.

National Chimney is known for providing top-notch, reliable products, which is why they’re considered an industry-leading manufacturer of single- and multi-flue chimney caps. We’re proud to sell and install these products and we stand behind their quality, longevity, and effectiveness.

Chimney Cap Replacement
When installed by one of the professionals here at SirVent Lexington, you can expect your National Chimney cap to keep your chimney high and dry, storm after storm, year after year. And with the many beautiful styles, shapes, and sizes available, you don’t have to settle for a cap that’s anything less than what you envision.

Call Today For Fast & Effective Installation

Is your chimney missing a cap? Do you have a cap but often wonder if it’s really doing its job? Is your chimney cap rusted and unattractive? Call SirVent Lexington at 859-241-1182 or request an appointment online to have your chimney inspected and your new cap installed.

With our experienced team on the job, you can count on installation to be done quickly and properly — guaranteed. Don’t wait another day, leaving your chimney vulnerable to leaks and critters — call SirVent Lexington. We’re here to help.

Chimney leaks are not something to take lightly. Once addressed, you’ll want to keep your chimney protected as much as possible from future damage. This is why we offer chimney waterproofing!

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