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A sleepy spring rain can be peaceful if you’re inside curled up with a good book. But if your chimney crown is cracked or in sad shape, your chimney will have a completely different experience when those showers start.

Is your crown deteriorating? Don’t wait to schedule repairs! Season after season, your chimney is exposed to moisture (rain, snow, sleet, ice), and the freeze/thaw process of that moisture can cause real damage to the crown. All it takes is one little crack and a little time and you could have a ful-fledged chimney leak on your hands.

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Instead of dealing with the headache and expense of an advanced leak, let us take care of the issue while it’s still small. The team here at SirVent Lexington has the experience, skill, and patience to repair and rebuild crowns right. Whether an inspection reveals a hairline crack here or there or we find your crown is severely deteriorated and water-damaged, we can restore the chimney and make sure water stays out in the future. We can even waterproof your crown now to prevent damage from ever occurring — just ask!

  • Crown Repairs — Our repairs ensure that water stays out and doesn’t contribute to further damage. In fact, the products we use provide a flexible waterproofing membrane that moves with the crown and safely and effectively prevents water penetration and damage. And because our products dry to a natural concrete/mortar finish, you won’t have to worry about splotchy, unattractive patchwork. Just seamless, smooth, water-resistant results. Whether you have minor cracks or severe crown damage, we’ve got you covered.
  • Crown Rebuilds — If your crown is beyond damaged and unsafe and ineffective, you can count on our team to build you a strong and effective new crown. We make sure everything is done to proper specs and that the crown is as thick as it needs to be, with proper slope and drip edge. With a newly built crown by SirVent Lexington, you don’t have to worry about water settling atop the crown, wearing through, or being directed down onto your chimney stack or flashing. We build crowns right!
Chimney Crown Repair

Leaks don’t have to be inevitable or devastating — let the team at SirVent Lexington prevent and tackle leaks early on, so you can rest easy when it rains. Call 859-241-1182 or reach out to us here on our website to request an appointment to have your chimney inspected, repaired, and waterproofed today.








A chase cover replacement or installation may be what’s needed to take care of your leaky chimney and our experienced staff can guide you in the right direction.











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