Preventing Chimney Leaks & Hefty Leak Repair Bills Is Easy With Preventive Chimney Waterproofing

No matter what your interests or lifestyle, there’s no shortage of places to go and ways to spend your money here in Lexington. Call us crazy, but we think you should be spending your hard-earned money on things and experiences you find enjoyable — not on leak repairs. That’s why we offer chimney leak prevention and waterproofing.

Leaks can cause rapid deterioration and hundreds and even thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, especially if they’re not detected early on. Masonry can crack, crumble, stain, and completely collapse; metal chimney and fireplace components can rust and corrode; and your chimney system could be rendered unsafe and unsuitable for use. But why worry about water damage and leaks when prevention and protection is easy and affordable?

Waterproofing You Can Count On

Here at SirVent Lexington, we waterproof chimneys with quality products from ChimneySaver. ChimneySaver is a company known for creating the most trusted and effective waterproofing products available, and because they’re made specifically for chimneys, you can expect them to work without damaging or altering your chimney system.

Unlike sealers and paints, these products are 100% vapor-permeable, which allows any moisture already in the masonry to safely escape, while still preventing rain, snow, sleet, and ice from penetrating. Worried about their effectiveness? Don’t be. According to ASTM tests, ChimneySaver waterproofing/water-repellent products reduce water penetration by 99.9%.

What we can waterproof for you:

  • Your masonry chimney stack — When water gets into your masonry, it can cause damage as minor as a small crack and as major as a collapse. Prevent it all with ChimneySaver Water Repellent, which protects against efflorescence, staining, mildew, fungus, and the freeze/thaw process that leads to cracking, crumbling, and spalling.
  • Your chimney crown —With time and weather, chimney crowns can crack and deteriorate, allowing water to run right down into the chimney. Luckily, preventing this type of damage is easy with CrownCoat & CrownSeal waterproof coating.
Flashing Leaks

Ready to give your chimney the protection it needs so you never have to worry about leaks springing up? Call SirVent Lexington at 859-241-1182 or request an appointment with one of our reliable and caring team members online. We’re here to make chimney protection and leak prevention simple and affordable for our customers in the greater Lexington area.










Did your last inspection indicate that you need a chimney crown repair or rebuild? Let our professional crew put a stop to your leaky chimney problems today.

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