Trust CSIA Certified Technicians to Sweep Your Chimney

A Chimney Sweeping Keeps Your Home Safer

SirVent Lexington has local, certified pros that you can count on for an excellent chimney sweeping. We are certified by the CSIA to remove the creosote, debris and blockages from your flue. Removing these materials keeps your family safer from chimney fires, fireplace damages and carbon monoxide. The CSIA recommends a chimney inspection annually, and cleaned as needed.

See what our customers are saying about us!

Clark and Jarell are very professional and efficient! They did a thorough cleaning and inspection without leaving a mess.

Courtney Ortz

Chimney Sweep Process

We set aside 2 hours for the inspection, sweeping, clean up and any questions the homeowner may have. During this time we go through a number of steps to ensure a safe and clean chimney.

  • Starting with an inspection, we check your flue for blockages, debris, creosote and damages
  • For the cleaning, we use specialized equipment to removed debris and clean the firebox, fireplace, smoke chamber and flue
  • In the case of a glazed creosote buildup, we use PCR to break down and remove the creosote to avoid chimney fires
  • Finally, we will ensure that the area is clean. No mess, no stress – guaranteed!

If you have any questions before or after the chimney sweeping, the technician will be happy to provide more information!

SirVent Lexington did a sweep and inspection of my fireplace and chimney. They were neat, professional, and very pleasant. I would recommend them for any type of fireplace or chimney work!
Becky Ramsey