Fire Safety & Prevention Doesn’t End With The Fireplace— Your Dryer Vents Need Regular Cleaning, Too!

You ask a lot of your clothes dryer — especially if you have a big family — but are you doing everything you can to help it function as safely and efficiently as possible, for as long as possible? You should be!

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), almost 15,000 home fires are caused by clothes dryers every year, and do you know what the #1 cause of those fires is? Lint blockages and buildup.

As a company owned and operated by a former firefighter, we think that’s 15,000 fires too many. That’s why we proudly provide thorough dryer vent cleanings to our customers throughout the greater Lexington area. Fire prevention is our passion and dryer vent cleanings play a big role! Keep reading to learn more…

How Does Lint Build Up In Dryer Vents? I Thought The Lint Trap Captured All The Lint

The reality is, even if you’re diligent about emptying out the lint trap before or after every load of laundry, you can still have clogged or restricted dryer vents. Your lint trap only captures some of the lint and debris produced, so with every load of laundry your clothes dryer dries, lint can settle in the venting. Over time, that lint adds up, restricting air flow, and making things a lot harder on your dryer.

Warning Signs It’s Time To Clean Your Dryer Vent

Some things you may notice as lint builds up:

  • It takes your dryer more time than it used to to dry a standard load of laundry.
  • Your dryer is hot to the touch when in use (or immediately after) and your clothes are hotter than normal when you take them out.
  • The area where your dryer is located smells damp or like burning when the dryer is running (or immediately after).
  • Your clothes are still damp at the end of a dry cycle.
  • You don’t feel any air coming from your outside exhaust vent when the dryer is running.
  • You keep finding lint in other areas of your home.

If you notice any of these warning signs, you’re probably due for a dryer vent cleaning.

Dryer Vents

The Real Risk Caused By Clogged Or Blocked Dryer Vents

Dryer vent blockages and obstructions do more than just increase your risk of fire. They can also:

  • shorten the life of your dryer
  • shorten the life of your garments
  • waste your time on laundry day (running multiple, longer cycles)
  • waste your money (by increasing your energy bills to support the multiple, longer dry cycles)
  • cause carbon monoxide to flow back into your home, exposing you and your family to this deadly, tasteless, odorless, and colorless gas

So what can you do to keep your home safer and your dryer running better, year after year? Preventing house fires and getting better performance from your dryer is as easy as scheduling regular dryer vent cleanings with SirVent Lexington.

How Does SirVent Lexington Clean Dryer Vents?

During your dryer vent cleaning, our team will use specialized tools to loosen the lint from the vent and powerful vacuums to suck up all that loosened lint. We work quickly and carefully to remove and capture every last bit of debris that could be blocking or hindering air flow, and make sure that not a single speck of lint is let loose in your home or on your property. When we’re done, you’ll be able to use your dryer with confidence, knowing the vents are clean and clear.

Do Dryer Vents Need To be Cleaned Every Year?

If you have a short and direct dryer vent and you don’t do an extraordinary amount of laundry every month, you may not need to have your dryer vent cleaned every year. Dryers that are asked to dry multiple loads every week or that have long dryer venting systems that turn and bend throughout the home on their way to the outside may need to be cleaned at least once a year.

The best way to know when your dryer vent is due for a cleaning is to watch out for the warning signs of blocked vents and to schedule annual vent inspections with SirVent Lexington. Our team will let you know if buildup or blockages are reducing the efficiency and safety of your dryer so you can schedule cleanings when they’re most needed.

Our Dryer Vent Cleanings Are Simple & Effective — Schedule Yours Today!

Is it time to have your dryer vent inspected and cleaned? Dryer vent cleaning is a simple service that provides real results and real peace of mind — so don’t put it off for another time. Call SirVent Lexington at 859-241-1182 or request an appointment with our reliable and responsive team right here on our website. An energy efficient, safer home is simple and affordable with SirVent Lexington— call today!

When you ask folks about us, we think you’ll find that they love the friendly service and dependable quality that SirVent Lexington provides on every service call.

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