In order to keep up with the Joneses, you must maintain the exterior of your home. You must regularly perform tasks such as mowing the lawn and maintaining the garden to help increase the aesthetic of your home. However, one area of exterior household care often forgotten until it is too late is your chimney.

A crumbling and deteriorating chimney is not only an eyesore, but it is also a hazard to the safety of you and your home. Luckily, our team of professionally trained and certified technicians at SirVent Lexington can handle all your chimney and masonry repairs! Read below for more information, then schedule an appointment today!

What is Tuckpointing?

One of the more damaging elements to your masonry is water. The constant exposure to precipitation wears away at your chimney. Eventually, this causes your chimney to crumble, crack, deteriorate, or even collapse entirely. One way to repair damage while preventing further harm is tuckpointing. This involves packing mortar into damaged masonry joints to strengthen the chimney. Additionally, we will make sure the new mortar matches the color of the old masonry to maintain the look of your system.

There are several clear signs masonry work is needed. If you notice spalling, flaking, cracks, or holes in your bricks or masonry, call a professional at SirVent. We will inspect and determine the best course of action for necessary repair work.

What Other Masonry Services Do We Offer?

Tuckpointing is not the only masonry repair service we offer. Our team of technicians can handle a variety of tasks such as chimney relining and flue repair, damper replacement, and smoke chamber parging & repair. Our technicians can examine the interior of your chimney and provide an update on the status of the flue and liner. If there are damages to your chimney, we can complete necessary repairs or reline your system to restore it. Additionally, we can repair your damper or install a new energy saving top sealing one designed to decrease heating costs in your home. Finally, we can repair your smoke chamber to ensure smoke properly exits your home as you relax by the fire.

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