Are you looking to set the perfect ambiance for your cozy nights this winter? Everyone knows that nothing beats the sounds, smells, and ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace! That being said, you’ll need to know how to start the perfect fire though, so that you’re not left with a living room full of smoke and a bunch of frustrated family members! At SirVent Lexington, we are here to offer some tips on how to get the perfect fire you’re looking for.

Start With An Inspection

pile of firewood First, you need to invest in yearly inspections. This practice is recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), as it allows sweeps to take a look at your system to determine whether or not a sweeping or repair is needed. If your chimney have blockages, creosote accumulation, or other issues, then you are probably not getting the fireplace experience you are hoping for. Along with this, running a dirty or damaged fireplace can also put your home and family in a dangerous situation, as it increases your risk for chimney fires and gas leaks. Call us today, and our experienced and certified staff can check things over and offer you peace of mind!

Be Picky When Choosing Your Fuel

Lighting a fire gets easier the more you do it, but you’ll want to make sure the wood you use is properly seasoned firewood. This provide more heat output, and you’ll see less harmful residue building up inside of your chimney too. Seasoned firewood has a few key characteristics that make it easy to distinguish. First of all, these pieces of fuel is lighter in weight than normal logs. In order to release enough moisture to produce a healthy fire, wood needs to dry out for at least six months. Less water inside your wood also means less overall weight!

The logs you pick should also be shorter in length, split and dark at the ends. Seasoned wood tend to make a hollow, clunking noise when hit against each other. All of these are signs that your fuel has had adequate time to dry, and you will get the fire you are hoping for this winter!

Building Your Fire

There are tons of techniques out there to building a great fire. Between the top-down method, the tee-pee, the log cabin, and more, it’s up to you to find what works best! You should always prepare your fuel, then light your kindling to let the wood burn, and definitely make sure you damper is open. Whatever method you choose, we hope you get the fire you are looking for this winter. If not, give us a call, we would love to help figure out what is going on with your chimney and fireplace system!