With the new year already in full swing, many are already making significant progress on their resolutions. One often overlooked resolution is chimney maintenance, which is very important during this time of year because the colder months of winter are when homeowners in Lexington, KY love relaxing by the fireplace. Fortunately, SirVent Chimney & Venting Service is here to help you check off another New Year’s resolution by two chimneys on rooftopfixing your chimney! Read below to learn more, then give us a call to learn more and schedule an appointment!

The Importance of Chimney Inspections and Sweepings

Chimneys are durable and built to last for decades. However, the constant exposure to the elements and natural wear and tear can cause certain components to fall off, break, rust, or deteriorate. Not only are missing or damaged components an eyesore, but they compromise the integrity and efficiency of your entire system.

Annual sweepings and inspections help detect any problems with your chimney system. Inspections and sweepings are usually performed annually in the fall or winter because this is when chimneys are most often used by homeowners. During a sweeping, we check every chimney component and clear the flue of any blockages such as debris, dirt, and creosote. Creosote is a byproduct of burning wood that builds up inside of the flue. It is highly flammable, so even a small amount greatly increases your chance of fire.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), there are three levels of chimney inspections. Level One inspections are the most basic and routine of the three. You will require a Level One inspection if you have kept up with annual maintenance over the years and there have been no major changes to your system. Level Two inspections are more thorough and extensive. They are necessary if there have been any major changes to the system, during transfer or sale of property, and after major weather events that could’ve caused major damage. We use video cameras to inspect the entirety of the flue and system to catch anything unseen by the naked eye. Level Three inspections are the most thorough and only performed when the problem is not detected during a Level One or Two inspection. They require extensive demolition and rebuild work. Fortunately, our professionally trained and certified technicians at SirVent can handle all three levels of inspection in a professional and timely manner!

Chimney Repair Services

After an inspection or sweeping, we notify homeowners of any findings in a thorough and detailed report. If masonry repairs or other services are needed, we take action and complete the necessary work.

Common repairs include relining and flue repair, damper replacement, smoke chamber parging, and masonry repairs. A missing or damaged flue liner is a major fire hazard, so we can install a new stainless steel or FireGuard liner to help your chimney smoothly and efficiently vent smoke out of your home. A damper also helps vent smoke out of your home when the chimney is in use. When not in use, the damper closes off the chimney to prevent the entry of any outside air. A missing or broken damper does not seal off your home, so we install Lock-Top Dampers and National Chimney’s Premier Damper Caps to provide an airtight seal for your home! The smoke chamber is above the firebox and also helps vent the smoke up through the chimney and it can damage easily due to the constant exposure to heat, flames, and other byproducts of fire. Fortunately, our parging services can smooth the smoke chamber to keep it working efficiently.

The masonry and brickwork of your chimney is built to last for decades, but the constant exposure to water can lead to damage. Flaking bricks, spalling, cracks, and holes are common signs of damage that can severely shorten your chimney’s lifespan. Fortunately, we offer masonry repairs such as tuckpointing and firebox repair to fix your brickwork and have it looking good as new!

We also offer other services such as water damage repairs and services to repair the crown, flashing, chase cover, damper, and other components. All of these services and repairs are key to keeping your system working efficiently and safely. If these repairs go unaddressed, they put your entire system and home at risk. They also lead to much costlier and extensive repairs in the future.

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