Spring has finally arrived after a long cold winter. With the warmer weather comes spring rains, which can cause leaks around your chimney. Unnoticed chimney leaks can cause extensive damage throughout your entire home. If you think your chimney is leaking, call the professionals at SirVent Chimney & Venting Service. We have a team of CSIA trained and certified technicians ready to help homeowners in the Lexington, KY area! Read below to learn more about chimney leaks, then give us a call at (859)-241-1182 to schedule an appointment today!

Water Leaks Around Your Chimney? Who Should You Call? - Lexington KY - SirVent Lexington Chimney Leak Causes and Signs

Chimneys serve other purposes than just venting smoke from the fireplace out of your home. They are your home’s first line of defense and protection against outdoor elements such as precipitation. This constant exposure to water is one of the main causes of leaks, as the high springtime rains can wreak havoc on your chimney. Spring also means the end of the freeze/thaw cycle, which can be especially damaging to your chimney. Masonry is naturally porous, meaning it absorbs water and moisture. During the colder winter temperatures, water in the masonry or brickwork freezes and expands. It then melts as the temperatures rise, which leads to damaged masonry and chimney leaks.

Your chimney is more susceptible to leaks when certain components are damaged or missing. The crown, cap, chase cover, flashing, and masonry must be present and in excellent condition to prevent chimney leaks. The crown covers the entire top of the chimney and closes off the entire top from precipitation, animals, debris, and other unwanted outside elements. Caps also sit at the top of your masonry chimney and close off the flue. Chase covers are metal cap equivalents for prefabricated chimneys. Flashing is sheet metal installed at the intersection of the chimney and the roof.

There are several noticeable signs of a chimney leak. You may notice a damp and musty smell coming from the chimney. You may also hear the sound of dripping water coming from inside the chimney. This means that not only is there a leak, but water may be pooling somewhere inside of the chimney. Leaks cause unsightly stains or near your wall or ceiling. There is additional damage that is noticeable from the outside. For example, any rusting or corrosion of metal chimney parts and damaged masonry can indicate a potential leak. Crumbling, spalling, flaking, or cracking masonry are other clear signs of chimney leaks.

Chimney Leak Prevention

Fortunately for homeowners in the Lexington area, SirVent can help catch chimney leaks. Some chimney leaks and their signs can be detected by homeowners, but leaks deep in the chimney can only be detected by professionals during a sweeping or inspection. Sweepings and inspections are recommended annually to keep your chimney system operating safely and efficiently. They also help prevent chimney leaks, as our technicians will thoroughly examine your entire system and detect any leaks or potential leak causes. If anything is detected, we can make any additional repairs and have your system working good as new!

In addition to inspections and sweepings, SirVent offers leak prevention services. We repair and rebuild chimney crowns with a waterproofing membrane that guarantees years of protection from rain and snow. We also install and maintain chase covers for any prefabricated chimneys. Our chase covers are made of high-quality stainless steel and copper that will last for decades; it will not rust, corrode, or leak like other lesser quality chase covers. SirVent can also install chimney caps to close off your flue from the unwanted entry of water, animals, and other various debris. Additionally, we decrease your risk of leaks by repairing any flashing or masonry damage.

SirVent also uses ChimneySaver waterproofing to prevent leaks. ChimneySaver Water Repellent is 100% vapor permeable, which allows moisture in the chimney to escape while preventing outside moisture from entering. We can apply ChimneySaver to your masonry, flashing, and chimney crown.

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If you notice any signs of a chimney leak, you should call the professional technicians at SirVent Chimney & Venting Service! We have provided excellent chimney services to the Lexington area for years, and our track record speaks for itself! Call (859)-241-1182 or schedule an appointment online today!