As you watch the crackling fire, there is much more happening than the naked eye can detect. For example, creosote gradually builds up in the interior of your chimney as you sit there and enjoy the warmth from the fire. This type of excessive buildup is called “glazed” creosote and it can lead to significant problems in your chimney and home.sweep sitting on chimney holding a wire brush

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What is Glazed Creosote?

As wood burns in your fireplace, there are many byproducts such as smoke, water vapor, gases, and other particles being expelled out of your home through the chimney. The condensation in your chimney causes these byproducts to mold into a substance called creosote. Creosote is usually a black, tar-like substance but it can come in different colors and textures. Over time, creosote builds up as it clings to the interior of your fireplace and chimney system.

There are many problems that come with excessive creosote buildup, which is often called glazed or “level 3” creosote. It is highly flammable and significantly increases your risk of a chimney fire. Fires caused by creosote are difficult to extinguish, can burn undetected for an extended period of time, and spread to other parts of your house very quickly. Glazed creosote buildup can also restrict your chimney’s airflow, which significantly decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of your whole system. Finally, glazed creosote coupled with the restricted airflow leads to the creation of even more creosote!

Glazed Creosote Removal

A small amount of creosote can be easily removed during routine chimney sweepings, inspections, and maintenance. However, glazed creosote removal is a more extensive process which requires special tools. We use PCR, which breaks down and absorbs the overabundance of creosote. As the PCR dries, it causes the excess creosote to flake off and fall to the bottom of your chimney system. Our technicians will then sweep up any remaining residue and your chimney will be good as new!

When a technician from SirVent performs your annual chimney maintenance, we will determine the amount of creosote present and recommend any necessary cleanings. Regardless of the amount, creosote removal must be performed by a professionally trained and certified chimney technician. Luckily, every team member of the SirVent team is certified by organizations such as the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Therefore, we can tackle any and all glazed creosote removal tasks!

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