When a beaver builds a dam in a river or pond, it stops the water from flowing any further. Something similar happens if there is a blockage in your chimney. There are many symptoms of a blocked chimney, but luckily SirVent Lexington is here to help! We have a team of professionally trained and certified technicians ready to help unblock your chimney so it flows freely. Read below to learn more about chimney blockages, then give us a call at (859) 900-0398 today!

What Causes Chimney Blockages?

sweep climbing ladderThere are a variety of causes for chimney blockages, and one of the most common is creosote buildup. Creosote is a highly flammable hazardous byproduct created by burning wood, and this tar-like substance sticks to the inside of your flue. It builds up over time and eventually leads to blockages or chimney fires. Animals in your chimney can also create blockages. Chimneys are an appealing place for animals to reside, as they are secluded and warm. Animals such as raccoons, squirrels, and birds can leave behind debris like twigs and materials from their nests, which close off parts of the flue.

Another cause of chimney blockages is damaged chimney components. Deteriorating masonry and broken parts such as the chimney cap or crown can get lodged within your flue and restrict flow out of your chimney. There are some obvious symptoms of a blocked chimney. Downdrafts are one of the more common signs of a blockage. Downdrafts are when the smoke from the fire cannot properly vent out of your chimney and is blown back into your home.

If there is something blocking the chimney, the smoke cannot properly exit your home. Another sign of blockage is an excessively smoky smell while using your fireplace. This is also present during a downdraft and is very easy for homeowners to detect. Other symptoms of a blockage include excessive amounts of soot in the fireplace and residue or streaks inside the flue.

How do I Clear the Blockage?

If you think your chimney is blocked, call the professionals at SirVent Lexington. We offer a variety of chimney and fireplace services to help! We recommend annual chimney inspections and sweepings to keep your chimney operating at peak efficiency. During an inspection, we will thoroughly examine your chimney and note any potential blockages. For example, if there are any deteriorating masonry or chimney components, we will have them replaced them before they lead to a blockage. We can also use a video camera for a more thorough and in-depth look into the interior of your chimney.

Scheduling an Appointment Today!

If you noticed any of the aforementioned symptoms, call us immediately. We have a staff of professional technicians standing by ready to help, and our track record in the Lexington area speaks for itself. Call us at (859) 900-0398 or schedule an appointment online today!