The Lexington, KY area sees an average of 46 inches of rain and 10 inches of snow each year. With this constant exposure to the elements, certain parts of your house are very susceptible to damage. One of these parts is your chimney system. Water brings significant problems for your masonry chimney. If left unchecked, it can cause thousands of dollars to your home while jeopardizing the safety of your family.

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Signs and Causes of a Chimney Leak

raining day with rainbowThere are several clear and obvious signs of a chimney leak. One of the most obvious ones is audible. If you hear the sound of dripping water coming from your chimney, a leak is likely present in your system. Additionally, the presence of mold is another sign. If you can see or smell mold near your chimney, this is a good sign of a leak. Other clear signs of a chimney leak include crumbling and deterioration of the masonry, rust, and the lack of a chimney cap.

Chimney leaks have many causes. The constant exposure to precipitation is the most common problem. The battering from the rain and snow can wear down the outside of your chimney, which in turn allows water to seep into your system. The masonry absorb the water, eventually leading to a leak or other damage. Additionally, damage to parts of the chimney such as the flashing are a leading cause of leaks. Flashing is the pieces of metal placed where the chimney and roof meet. Its main purpose is to prevent water from entering your chimney. If it is damaged, water can easily enter your chimney.

Chimney Leak Repair and Prevention

Fortunately, our team of technicians can help you prevent and repair chimney leaks. One of the most important prevention methods is to install a chimney cap or crown. The crown is usually made of mortar or cement, while the cap is metal or stainless steel. They both sit at the top of the chimney and keep water from entering the chimney system. If they are damaged or missing, then your chimney is susceptible to leaks. Next, we repair any damage to your flashing. Finally, annual chimney inspections are so important to prevent leaks. During these inspections, we will note any damage that could cause a leak down the line, and we provide a course of action for necessary repairs.

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