No one wants a stinky house, and it can sometimes take some investigating to figure out what is causing the unwelcome odors. It might be your chimney!

Spring is a common time that homeowners can experience unwelcome chimney odors for a few reasons. The chimney isn’t in use, so there isn’t a hot draft to push the odors up the chimney. Additionally, with warm weather comes humidity. When this moisture mingles with soot and creosote it can create some pungent odors. The first step in diagnosing your chimney odors, is to identify them and their causes.

Types of Chimney Odorscozy fireplace

Moldy/Mildewy Odors – There is water in your chimney system, and it’s most likely been there long enough to cause some bacterial growth. This is an odor that should be addressed because water destroys masonry. Your chimney may need masonry repairs, parts replacement, and waterproofing sealant to prevent reoccurrence.
BBQ/Smoky Odors – Caused by the air in your chimney falling into your house, and bringing odors with it. This odor means your chimney is dirty. Creosote and soot, when mixed with warm, humid air can make the smell worse, but in general a dirty chimney will stink. It’s like bringing your barbecue grill into the house. Everyone is going to notice.
Foul/Decomposing Odors – A distinctly foul odor means an animal is likely dead in your chimney and needs to be removed. Smells of decomposition can also mean there are leaves and branches in the chimney system that are decomposing and should be removed. If they’ve reached decomposition it means they have been there for a long time and your chimney system needs to be cleaned!

Call a Chimney Sweep

When you smell your chimney, it’s a clear indicator that your chimney needs attention. Moldy odors mean you need to call a professional right away to have your chimney assessed. You may be missing a chimney cap, allowing water to fall freely into your chimney flue, or it may be a more serious problem. Foul, decomposing, and smoky odors should prompt you to schedule a chimney sweep. Only a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) has the proper tools, training, and expertise to clean and assess your stinky chimney. Our technicians at Sirvent Lexington can also inspect your system and present you with a thorough report and recommendations for future prevention. We offer a full menu of preventative services to keep your chimney system safe, efficient, and enjoyable (not stinky).

The last thing you want while enjoying your fireplace this winter, is to have your chimney odors overpower your family gathering. We can help you with your stinky chimney this year, and take measures to prevent it next year. Schedule your chimney sweep with a Sirvent Lexington chimney sweep today by calling us or request an appointment online.