Why Would You Need Your Flue Repaired?

The flue allows gases and smoke to properly exit your home through the chimney. Within the flue, components such as the liner can break and wear Why Would You Need Your Flue Repaired? - Lexington KY - SirVent Lexingtondown over time. Flue damage is a major fire hazard and must be addressed immediately. Fortunately, SirVent Chimney & Venting Service of Lexington, KY has a team of CSIA trained and certified technicians ready to repair your flue! Read below to learn more, then give us a call to learn more and schedule an appointment!

Flue Damage

There are several clear signs and causes of flue damage. One of the more obvious signs is collapsed, cracked, or missing tiles. If you notice any tiles in your fireplace, there is a good chance they fell from your flue. Flue blockages are also fairly common, as there could be debris or creosote blocking the flue. This prevents smoke and other byproducts from properly exiting your chimney. An improperly fitting liner, neglect of regular maintenance, and a chimney fire all can cause damage to your flue.

An inspection shows the condition of your flue. Inspections are recommended annually to keep your chimney working safely and efficiently. When one of our professional technicians examine your chimney, we will look at your flue and determine what repairs, if any, are necessary.

FireGuard and Stainless Steel Repairs

To fix chimney flues, we use FireGuard and stainless steel repairing and relining. FireGuard is a UL listed ceramic flue repair system used on clay tile liners that can endure temperatures up to 3,205 degrees. FireGuard is used to resurface, reline, or repair your chimney without changing the size of the flue and to enhance an already structurally sound liner. Stainless steel liners are our other flue repair option, and they are becoming the industry standard for a variety of reasons. Available in both rigid and flexible models, they are rust and corrosion resistant and compatible with systems of all fuel types. Stainless steel liners are recommended for chimneys built without liners, when the flue needs resized, and when your current liner is not compatible with a new appliance.

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